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The complete stems and Branches

Time and Space in Classical Acupuncture

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hardback, £65.00 (ISBN no: 9780957651432)
paperback, £45.00 (ISBN no: 9780957651401)
Kindle, £35.44 (ISBN no: 9780957651418)

About The Complete Stems and Branches

This exciting and comprehensive book gives a clear, detailed and accessible presentation of the stems and branches theory of acupuncture. The majority of the principles behind Stems and Branches underlie the whole of acupuncture, regardless of the system being used. Fundamental principles are outlined in a clear manner and each chapter covers philosophical theory in depth and uses practical examples and exercises throughout, allowing any practitioner to integrate this form of acupuncture into practice as they progress throughout the book.

Easy to follow and easy to use, this book will guide practitioners in the use of Stems and Branches to enable them to combine this information with their own therapeutic approach. The end result will be tailor-made treatments for each client.


Key features of this book

  • First fully comprehensive book to explore all of the concepts involved in Stems and Branches and to deal with its wider application.


  • Clearly illustrated throughout to clarify concepts and present information in an accessible way.


  • Applies theory to clinical practice through the use of practical examples and exercises.


  • Fundamental principles outlined in a clear manner.


  • Easy to follow and easy to use.


  • Includes Glossary, Recommended Reading List, year charts.