Use the following links to download and construct the Stems and Branches Energy Calculator Disk

How to assemble the disk

1. Print the top two disks on transparencies.
Connect all three disks with a rivet, or even a paper clip in the middle.

Moveable top disc – Period dates and host energies.
Moveable inner disk – Guest energies.
Base disk – Great movements.

This disk calculates the interactions between guest and host qi and ruling elements throughout each year.

The ruling elements (Great Movements) are marked on the base ring of the disk. Align the Great Movement of the Year with the Element of the Year marked on the transparency. Then each subsequent element will be shown for its 72 day period.

The host energies are shown on the transparent top disk and these arrive at the same time each year.

The Guest Heaven and Guest Earth energies are marked on the moveable inner disk. Align the Guest Heaven energy with the H on the transparency, and then the Guest ‘side energies’ will automatically be in the correct position.

This disk can be used independently of the book by a practitioner in his/her clinic.